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There Are HO's IN The City!!! EZSHOS That is!!
And these Woman Give it ALL away ALL the time!!!
For FREE!!! The Mail and the Fun never stops!!
No matter what your looking for EZHO has a LOTS!!!
Only 1 email a week required! OR 4 at once for the month!
Plus Password and User name to enter ALL our secret
Areas of our web site. Where the REAL goodies hide.
We hate Rules. We just LOVE to Have FUN!!!!
Bigots, Racists, Homophobs, Child Porn Addicts,
Animal Porn Addicts, Need NOT apply!!!

Must be 21 and Female.


or  Fill out enlarge Disclaimer

Angels in Disguise
Psst...You, yeah you. Come a little closer, I wanna talk to you.
Are you naughty, nice or nicer when you are naughty?
Do you want to be a part of a group that cares about
you like you are a part of their family?
Here on the cloud we cover it all.
We share everything, except of course
kiddie, or beastiality.  Are you at least 21?
Can you make at least 2 sends a week? Yes, great!
Now come join our cloud for some divine fun.
We welcome you to our family with open arms.

I want to be an Angel

Badland Biker
A variety list created by bikers for bikers.
*Biker theme but all sends welcome*Dark art and tubes*

*No Cute Stuff Here*
*No required sends*Drifters Welcome*Must Be 21*
Badland Bikerjazzmokey@aol.com

We are a small but amazing group of people and friends!
I have just opened membership again.
I like to keep the group small.
We share just about everything on this list.
We do all the PSP you can handle, we love sharing Art and Graphics.
yes we also do Fonts, Music, Games, BOTW and much more.
The list ranges from G to AC!
So you have to be 21 to join.
Participation is a must .. 2 sends a week mandatory.
So if you like making friends .. some that will turn out to be life long friends.
If you love collecting and sharing all diiferent kinds of things.
I think this just might the group for you.
Just hit the link below ... hope to see ya soon


~I Wanna Be A Brat~

DK Bungalow

Have you tried the adult lists and found them to be the same old thing?
Sure, they all have hot sends, some games, but if you want a real interactive experience
come on over to the Bungalow.
You'll find the lights dim, candles flickering, music playing soft and low, and the atmosphere  charged with sexual tension only we can relieve.  
It's a kick off your shoes and whatever else you need to be comfortable and settle in. You'll find everything you want and more at the Bungalow. Must be 21!

~~ErOtIc DrEaMz~~

"Do you like to have fun?  Then we are the list for you ..
We are a daily interactive group with nothing but fun waiting just for you ..
We offer Tubes, Fonts, Contests, Games, Proggies, Sensual and Erotic yummies and much much more.
We are an adult list that sends everything from "G" to "OMFG" did you see what they sent?
So come and share your Erotic Dreamz with us.
We are waiting for you to come join in on the FUN.
Been Open Since..APRIL 2, 2006
Come Join The Fun! AOL & CS ONLY!


Sick of lists with skinny chicks?
Do you WANT to see REAL people?
Do you want to reach the plateaus of pleasure only someone with meat on their bones can bring?
This is the premiere adult list for BBW's (Big, Beautiful Women) and their admirers (we also spotlight Big Handsome Men).
We offer games, trivia, tags, wavs, movies and so much more dealing with the larger woman/man. We are an open BCC mailing list.
    You MUST be 21+ to join and sign a disclaimer.
I Want To Join BBW's R Sexy


Psychotic Delusions

Born in lust, turn to dust.Born in sin, come on in!
Born in vice, think twice.
Gothic, Dark Art & Macabre theme variety list

Does blood and gore excite you? Then this is the list for you.
This is a no stress  Dark art variety  list!!

A list that shares dark art, gothic & macabre graphics, tubes or animations.
No required sends.There is no mail sent as a DnD.
You must be at least 21 cause ac content is shared.

No Drama, No bad Karma

If you want to have nightmares...click the link below!

Psychotic Delusions


Rebels & Angels PSP Heaven
Looking for a new list to join
That has everything you could
Possibly want for PSP? Then I
Have the list for you. This list will
Have tubes, tutorials, plug-ins, PSP
It self, games, tags, etc. If we donít have
it we will add it. This is a
G-R Rated group.

I want TO JOIN Rebels & Angels PSP Heaven

§§ Secret  Graphix Nakkies §§

A division of Secret Graphix Inc.
Originally owned since 1998.
As the lights go down we like to slip into something a lil bit more comfortable.
How about you? Do you like to share your lustful interests with others.
Do you need a place for your desires to run free without judgment?
Looking for plenty of variety in your box from mature members?
We are a small group looking to expand. We're more about quality then amount but we do get heavy at times.
We require once a week participation but encourage more.
We offer G - XXX & those mouth watering OMG's.
If this teases your senses, then come see what we might have that will tickle your wildest fantasies.
No Yahoo address's please. We Do NOT allow KIDDIE PORN or BESTIALITY.
You must be at least 21 to join.

Secret Graphix Nakkies
SGLadyHawk@aol.com & Amirdrof1@wmconnect.com
Subject line:DND Plz Send me a SGN Waiver


Another division of Sercet Graphix Inc.
- SGD -
Do you desire to be Spoiled or Spanked? Have a Fetish for pleasurable Pain?
Other groups not feeding your BDSM cravings?
Come slide into some leather and chains with me!
I can make all your desires reality.
SGD will have all your darkest fantasies waiting for you in your mailbox every weekend.
Offering AC to OMFG! No Cutzie stuff or you'll be spanked right outta here.
No kiddie porn or bestiality--No yahoo accts/emails.
Must be over 21 yrs. to join.1 minim required send a weekend.
Currently open Friday-Saturday-Sunday's only .
Bring your Handcuffs and Whips & join in our deepest darkest pleasures.
Staff needed - Inquire when joining.

I'm Ready to Seek the Dungeon
[TrulyMadlyDarQue@aol.com] [SGLadyHawk@aol.com]

P3 ~ Beyond Your Wildezt Dreamz
Bring your fantasy to life with P3!
Our list is G-OMG
All lifestyles welcomed!
We share only high quality
Fantasy art, Dark art, Erotic art, Graphics, & Tubes
We also share

Hey Girls!!! Send Me A Disclaimer!!

Looking for AC goodies for your list? Don't have the time?
The AFTER DARK list is for U!...EVERYTHING sent here, will be AC in nature!
Tubes, zips, movies, tags, high quality pics, goth/dark art and MORE!
This is the list with ADULT CONTENT!
ALL mail is forwardable to your list/lists. This list is for ONLY list leaders/owners

I Want TUDES After Dark