And here are Denez's Rules for using them. If you are too Stupid and RUDE to follow them. EZHO asks you DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!!

And leave this page Immediately!!

Please use my preview when sharing my tubes. The preview is on a hidden layer within the tube. Remember I am just the tuber and make no claim to the original artwork only the tube I have done.  I tube for pleasure not for profit. If there is no name on the tube it is because the artwork shared did not come with a name. You may Not share my tubes for profit of any kind nor post on your web site without my written permission.  Please keep the filename intact  when you share my work.  i have put a lot of work into tubing this, just as the Artist has in creating this wonderful work of Art.
U.S. Copyright Office - Fair Use    Fair Use in Copyright (BitLaw) since PSP falls under educational being that people are learning the art this applies